Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat

This Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat is an ideal Eco Tourism product for boating in
calm waters.

- Zero Emission – Saves CO2 Emission
- Silent Running – Eliminates Noise Pollution
- High Stability
- Advanced Safety Features
- Aerodynamic Design
- Designed for rugged use and commercial applications

Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat

This Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat is an ideal Eco Tourism product for boating in
calm waters.

- Zero Emission – Saves CO2 Emission
- Silent Running – Eliminates Noise Pollution
- High Stability
- Advanced Safety Features
- Aerodynamic Design
- Designed for rugged use and commercial applications

25 kW Solar Power Plant at Malankara Plantations Ltd

India’s first net zero office complex which meets all the Energy requirements of the Office Complex, which includes 18 tons of Air Conditioning, Computers, Lighting, Ventilation, office equipment, water pumps and a packing machine. With the installation of the Solar Power Plant, the Office Complex is now disconnected from the Gird and is functioning wholly on its self-generated Solar Power.

2.1 KW SPV Mono Crystalline Panel System for Residence

2.1 kW Solar PV Mono Crystalline Panel system, supplying 10 to 12 units (kWhr) of power for the major electrical loads  of the house which includes,  2 Laptops, 2 LCD Televisions, security system, 2 Refrigerators, 2 Mixer/Blenders, Fans, Iron box and all Lighting

15.6 KW battery less solar PV System at BPCL, Cochin

Designed, Installed and Commissioned our First Grid Feed Solar PV System at BPCL with 15.6 kW Solar PV Array capacity and 15 kW Grid feed capacity.

65 KW at Spice Village, Kumali-World first Net Zero Resort

The system not only helps to reduce the energy consumption from 306 KW to 65 KW, but also saved the noise and expense of Diesel Generators. The system supports the full load of the 56 cottages of the resort. It can generate its own electricity to meet its 100% power needs and is completely off the grid.


The Grid-Tie SPV System at RDS, Kadavanthra effectively reduces power consumption from the grid.. Erected as a fixed type structure, it also functions as the roof for the Cafeteria. The system is designed with 10.08 kWp SPV array capacity and 10 kW inverter capacity. The system is also capable of selling the power to the state grid.


The 20.4 kWp SPV system at Wonderla Holidays Pvt Ltd is uniquely designed utilizing the roof of the car parking shed for mounting the solar panels. The main benefits of the system includes reduced power consumption from grid, uninterrupted power supply for the regular connected loads, Total CO2 emission saving of 21.9 Tons/ year, Tax benefits in terms of accelerated depreciation of 80% of the total project cost in the first year itself resulting in tax saving of 23% on the project cost.


The system is designed with 34.4 kWp SPV array capacity and 34 kW inverter capacity which helps to partially cater to the energy demand of the administrative office including both power (AC, computers, motors etc) and lighting loads.  Since the 95% of the load is during the day time, a battery less grid tied system is the perfect choice.


The 21.6 kWp Grid-Tie SPV system at payyannur college, erected as a fixed type of structure, utilizes the vacant area of 324 sq. mtr. available over the roof of the college building. The system has 21.6 kWp of Thin-Film panels from GetWatt-Korea and 21 kVA inverter from SMA-Germany. Total carbon emission saving expected by setting up the proposed plant is 24.38 tons / year. 

Company Information

TeamSustain, is a leading clean and green technology solution provider based in Cochin, India. The company provides cost effective logistics and infrastructure solutions for Sustainable Resource utilization to markets around the world. We offer a complete range of sustainable products and services which include unique patented technologies. 

Our vision is a global market where green, environment friendly, low carbon products and solutions complement sustainable growth and development.  
TeamSustain has been in the forefront of providing green and sustainable technologies and solutions to the hospitality sector for over a period of 15 years. It has a clear and in-depth understanding of the needs of its clients. 

In the year 2010 TeamSustain and UB Engineering have joined hands for executing large SPV power plants. The groups combines TeamSustain’s 15 years of experience in more than 100 SPV projects and global technology partnerships with UB Engineering’s successful large EPC project experience.

TeamSustain has over the years pioneered though innovation, solutions to help reduce the carbon and ecological footprint of the hospitality sector. 

Solar PV Solutions for Electrical Power Generation – Energy Security & Net Zero Resorts
Centralized Solar Water Heating Systems for Hot water generation
Solar Thermal based Air Conditioning for Resorts in Hot Climates
Bio-Fuel from Waste Cooking Oil for House Boats - Eliminating the use of harmful diesel for propulsion 
Solar Powered Ferry Boat – a Net Zero logistic solutions for Resorts in the Backwaters
Chlorine & Chemical Free Swimming Pools – A Ecological and health conscious initiative
Integrated Biowaste & Sewage Treatment Plant -  Environment friendly disposal of  Black Water and Biowaste generated in the resort with Recovery of Energy, used for Power Generation, treated water for gardening and bio-fertilizer for farming. – Achieving a low carbon & ecological footprint
Energy Efficient Raw Water Treatment plants – Low Carbon Footprint
Energy Efficient LED lighting – Low Carbon Footprint
Rain Water Harvesting and Water Efficiency & Management – Low Ecological Footprint
Design for Energy Efficient Kitchen & Production Process management – Low Carbon Footprint
Bio-Tabs for Biological and environment friendly treatment of  Yellow Grease

TeamSustain has also successfully completed over 400 major projects, in diverse applications such as Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Biomass Power, Small Wind, Micro Hydro, Rural Solar Electrification, Sustainable Tourism, and Sewage and Effluent treatment and Waste to Energy Plants. 

With over 15 years of engineering expertise and field service, TeamSustain offers solutions with a high return on investment. Companies all ‘risk covered policy’ offers pre-project engineering, planning, design, project management, sourcing, execution and post product management; the advantage of a packaged solution anytime anywhere.


SPV System Design, Engineering  &  Integration – 1 kW to 20 MW 
Solar Water Heaters Design, Engineering  &  Integration – 500 LPD to 500,000 LPD  (Commercial Installations)
Waste to Energy Solutions 
Biogas Plant 
Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
Industrial Waste to Energy
Energy Efficiency Solutions
Energy Audit - Commercial and Residential (large)
 • Process Audit
LED Lighting 
Sustainable Boating Solutions 
Solar Boat
Electric Boat 
Green Building Consultancy 
Carbon Neutral Tourism's 
Net Zero Buildings and Resorts
Corporate Carbon Management 

Our Achievements

  • India's first fully net zero commercial office building
   with air conditioning and all heavy
   equipments fully supported by 25 KW solar
   PV,located in a 80 year old heritage building
  • Asia’s largest Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat

designed and developed Solar Power Propelled Electric Boat, which is included in Limca book of records as largest solar boat in Asia

  • International Boating Award (IBA)

for intiative in responsible tourism in the year 2009

  • First to introduce Solar Power Packs in House boats

Solar Power Packs in House boats in Kerala in the year 1995-96. Till date more that 160 house boats have been installed with Solar Power Packs. About 100 numbers of Solar Water Purifier have been installed in Lakshadweep Islands.

  • Preferred Supplier for Waste to Energy Gasification systems

for W2E Ventures Inc., USA. installed at State University of New York, Cobleskill, New York, USA

  • More than 14,000 Solar Hot Water Systems

More than 14,000 Solar Hot Water Systems with about 200 numbers in the capacity range of 3000 LPD -20000 LPD have been installed in India

  • 17 years of experience in SPV Industry

Have to its credit more than 25,000 Solar PV installations from capacities ranging from 35 Watts to 20 KW

Green Tips

  • Energy Saving

- Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans 

- Take advantage of daylight by using light-coloured, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room. Also, decorate with lighter colours that reflect daylight

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